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Most Northerly TV aerial in the UK ?

Shetland Shipment

That`s me, Justin Smith, posing next to our most northerly order, a 9x9 wall bracket, part of an install on the visitor centre at Hermaness nature reserve on the island of Unst, North of Shetland, you literally can`t go any further North than this !  I caught up with this item when the wife and I went to Shetland on holiday, which is a  great place to visit, in the summer anyway! The friendly warden took us up to see the install and get a picture, which my wife was thrilled about, as you can imagine.

The aerial is on Baltasound transmitter which, as you might expect, is the most Northerly TV transmitter.

We should clarify the fact that we were only able to send this item (without a large carriage supplement) because it was [just] small and light enough to go by Royal Mail, that`s the universal service obligation* working for you !

An alternative for Shetland and Orkney orders (which customers have asked us to use before) is for us to send them to Northwards Ltd or Shetland transport who are freight forwarders based in Aberdeen.

Standard Delivery charges

Charges are for England, Wales and S / SE mainland Scotland.

Excludes the Scottish Highlands, Offshore or Northern Ireland (see map)

Usually on a next day basis for orders received before 12.00

Order value under £50 = £8

Order value over £50 to under £100 = £4

Order value over £100 = Free

NOTE : from Jul 2015 there is a £6.50 supplement

on all orders containing any items over 1.6m

Also see carriage on non UK orders,

and check if it`s possible for us to use Royal Mail and save a bit of P & P)

If you`ve found this site informative and, hopefully, interesting as well,

please help us increase the number of people reading it.

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Problems ordering “Online” ?  And  Ordering online without using Paypal

Urgent orders / timed deliveries should be phoned through !

Stock holding.

Spare parts

Your phone number

Delivery information.

Damaged in transit ?  < < < < < < < ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Warranties : our attitude to  (including lifetime warranties on our poles and brackets)

Returns policy  (including amplifier returns policy)

Customer service

Standard delivery prices < < < ! ! !

Cheaper delivery.

Maximum lengths

Carriage supplements < < ! !         Location          Length

Non UK orders.

Customer organised collection.

Shetland shipment.

You can tell we`re not Amazon because.....

Customer feedback

How to pay a carriage surcharge “online”

We can send some orders outside the UK (length up to 2.4m/8ft within Europe, or up to 1.8m/6ft beyond Europe), please contact us for a carriage quote (how to pay any supplement).

In addition if the customer wishes to arrange their own collection we`re more than happy to parcel up the order ready for your carrier to pick up. A customer organised collection can be cheaper for the Highlands, Islands, N Ireland or abroad than utilising our carrier. We do need a few hours advance warning, and payment in advance, obviously !

Some of our customers use P4D or or

See sizes of aerial boxes and dimensions of cranked poles.

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Most of our orders go out by next day carrier and that costs us more than you`d think......

It is sometimes possible for us to send orders by Royal Mail, Items small enough go by mail (though there are fewer of these since the RM started cutting off its nose.....) can be sent First or Second class according to how urgently you want the item, the cost is from £3.50 upwards. Although most First Class items get there the next day that obviously isn`t guaranteed, in fact, according to the RM, an item isn`t considered "lost" for 15 working days !  

Unfortunately Royal Mail withdrew Standard Parcels in April 2013 so nothing bigger than 24 inches (61cm) can be sent by mail.

You can tell we`re not Amazon because :

1 We only sell decent quality stuff.

2 We know about our products.

3 You can actually phone us up.

4 We pay our taxes.......

Enter the Aerials & Satellite shop Enter the Splitters, Amps & Diplexers shop Enter the Poles & Brackets shop Enter the Cable, Connectors & Miscellaneous shop

I have to admit we don`t just give exceptional customer service so we`ll (hopefully) make more money in the long run. To be frank when we do something for a customer which we don`t even have to do (legally or in a “normal” level of customer service sense) it makes us feel good. So, we`re not just doing you a favour, we get more job satisfaction and therefore we`re doing ourselves a favour too !

To be fair to our carriers it is actually relatively rare for them to damage something, but if you sign for a package, with any carrier, you are deemed to have received it in good condition ! Whenever you sign for any parcel always examine it very closely, then, even if it looks fine from the outside, you should (as a matter of course) write “unexamined” under your signature. This (slightly…..) Increases our leverage with the carrier, but does not compensate for any time delay in telling them of a damaged delivery (see below).

If the package is damaged and/or you are in any doubt as to the condition of the goods, sign for it but write damaged under your signature. Once you`ve done this you (and us....) are "covered". Remember we`re on your side in any argument(s) with the carrier, but we do need some ammunition ! Alternatively refuse delivery and it will be returned to us for reshipment.

If you only notice any damage to the order after signing for it, phone us up and E Mail a picture of the damaged item as soon as possible (certainly the same day), speed is of the essence here if we`re to stand any chance of getting the carrier to accept responsibility.

Never sign for something then leave it unopened for days in the corner of the room !

Once you`ve signed for it do not send the order back without our instruction to do so, because this weakens our case against the carrier.

Orders are usually shipped within 24 hours (M-F) and delivery made the day after that, but same day despatch is not normally guaranteed. If your order is urgent (and we`re contacted before 12 noon) we can usually send it out “same day” if you request this.

Timed deliveries are available (before 10.00 or before 12.00) as are Saturday deliveries though these all attract a supplementary charge, please phone for a quote.

Most orders are sent by carrier (TNT), though Royal Mail 1st class may be utilised for smaller items. If your order is for one of the latter the P&P charge can be reduced for RM orders phoned through, but not for Online orders. Deliveries by carrier will require a signature and are made Monday to Friday, many customers find it more convenient to have their order delivered to their work address. If this, or anything else “non-standard”, is required please phone your order through.

If delivery is not made within two working days please contact us.

This is important so we can sort out any delivery problems whilst the order is still at “your end” because once the carrier (or Royal Mail) has sent it back to us additional carriage is required to send it out again. So the moral of the story is, if you haven`t had your order within 2 working days :

Don`t delay, phone today !

Remember : The Internet / E Mail / Online orders can fail or get lost in the ether (err, yes they can….), critical orders should be phoned through, as should any order requiring a timed delivery.

We are VAT registered and all prices include VAT at the relevant rate.

All stock is held at our shop, it`s not sent out by a third party. It`s rare for us to be out of stock of anything in our range, but if you want to be sure, phone us up. If we receive an Online order and the part is out of stock we`ll phone or E Mail you the same day (wherever possible) we receive the order and give an ETA.

We understand people don`t like binning stuff for the want of a spare part so wherever possible we will endeavour to supply spare parts for any aerial purchased from us. Normally the spares would have to be for a current production model but we do have some odds and sods for obsolete types.

We only require your phone number in case there`s a problem with the order, it is particularly useful to the delivery driver if he can`t find the address ! It will not be used for marketing purposes, or passed to any third party. We can`t be doing with any of that nonsense.

Articles on this page are listed in the following order :


* As of April 2013 they managed to get out of some of this.......

Customer feedback

(or you can phone your order through)

NW Scotland carriage supplement area (plus all offshore locations)

TNT are our main carrier and the following postcodes are classified by them as Scottish Highlands for carriage charge purposes, i.e. a significant supplement would be chargeable.

IV + KW + HS all postcodes

PA34, 37 to 39

PH 19 to 26, 30 to 40 & 49 to 50.

(Plus PH41 sector 4 only)

Plus all offshore destinations,

e.g. the Isle of Arran or Shetland.

We can sometimes send medium sized orders which can be packed in one box more cheaply using an alternative carrier, contact us for a carriage quote.

Note that smaller/lighter orders sent by

Royal Mail are not subject to surcharges.


All products come with a 12 month guarantee apart from Proception (most of the amps and external splitters), they`ve got a 2 year guarantee. But we want to be "good ol` boys" so if any product from us fails out of its 'official' warranty you phone us up and we`ll try to help you out anyway. In addition we give a lifetime warranty on any pole or bracket we sell (excludes the cost of the carriage) provided the item is used as recommended by us for the job you`re doing.

Most of our orders go to business customers therefore our standard refund policy is that we will accept items back with no time limit (provided we still stock the thing ! ) subject to a 25% restocking charge [plus the carriage] provided it is in as new condition. Full value is given on products being returned for exchange. Basically we`re not in the business of lending out our stock for people to have a play with, particularly if we`ve got to lose on the deal, who could possibly think that was reasonable?!?   Non business customers wanting to be covered by the Distance Selling Regulations rather than our standard returns policy should contact us before * ordering, particularly if buying the items for an aerial installer to fit. This is mainly to ensure that you get exactly what you need and therefore do not have to return it as most of the orders we send out are not small easy to pack and cheap to send items. In addition the return carriage (for which you are liable) will be more than you expect and, in fact, you may not be available to you at all for some products. Furthermore aerial boxes are seldom reusable having been through two carriers….. If you think there`s any question you may want to return items (particularly if we`re expected to lose money on the transaction ! ) we recommend you buy them from a supplier local to yourself.

We reserve the right not to supply customers who are uncertain of what they need and also want a full refund (including the carriage) for returned orders.

* Actually we think it a good idea for any customer who is unsure what they need to contact us before ordering, we`re here to try and make sure you get what you need, and only what you need !

Amplifier returns policy. First, and most important point, read “is my aerial amplifier faulty ?”. The chances are that`ll save us all a lot of messing about ! Having read the aforementioned article if you still think the amp is faulty please phone us. As mentioned above we will not be strict about interpreting the length of guarantee on any amp we sell. We will send out a replacement amp and you will be required to pay for that and the carriage. When we receive the amp back if the amp proves to be faulty we will reimburse the cost of the amp and cost of the carriage including the cost of your carriage to us (second class recorded). On the other hand if the amp proves to be OK the cost of the amplifier will be reimbursed (if it is in saleable condition) but no refund on the carriage will be made.

From 20 July 2015 our main carrier (TNT) introduced a surcharge for items over 1.6m. This explains why we sell poles in some apparently esoteric lengths, they`re the longest they can be without attracting the significant supplement (£6.50 as at Jul 2015 [incl fuel surcharge and VAT]). In fact we have to get these poles specially made for us so they`re actually slightly more expensive than the 6ft versions ! But let`s look on the bright side, at least that means the pole (being a bit shorter) is a bit stronger….. For Online orders this amount should be automatically added on to the cart, it`ll only go on once no matter how many of the item you buy. However, it will add it on twice if different items (all over 1.6m) are purchased, under those circumstances we`ll usually pick up on the error and refund you the difference. If you haven`t had this refund by the time the order arrives with you please get back to us.

All deliveries by carrier  to the Scottish Highlands, Offshore and Northern Ireland are subject to a carriage charge supplement, please phone for this (how to pay any supplement).

Similarly deliveries by carrier to Isle of Wight incur a supplement, currently £7.50. However there is no supplement if we can send the order by Royal Mail though there are size/weight restrictions (and even more since Apr 2013…..), and it may to take longer to get there !

Maximum lengths :

To all mainland UK (incl offshore islands such as Shetland & the Isle of Man) = 3.6m

To Northern Ireland = 2.0m

Outside the UK = Please contact us

Welcome to A.T.V`s “Online Shop”.

Notice that our “Campaign For Quality” is accompanied by our ‘Campaign For Real Prices’ ! Not only do all our prices include VAT (and it`s easy to find out our P & P charges) but there`s none of that annoying £9.99 nonsense, it`s £10 thank you very much.

Poles welcome !

The reason it says Poles is because my wife and I went to Poland on our honeymoon back in 2004 so feel a bit of an affinity with that country. What it actually means is any immigrants who want to come here, join in with our society, stick to the law, work hard and pay our taxes are welcome. This article was put on in response to the pictures * below which were taken just after the EU referendum. They made me embarrassed to be English, I thought all good people should make a stand. I must say I`d be very interested to know the IQ and/or educational attainment of those in the pictures below…..

* Which I have suitably modified….

Stop immigration start repatriation NF = bigots with a banner Yes we won now send them back = tosser in a T shirt

All major credit/debit cards accepted,

you do not have to have a PayPal account !